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Nio Top Seller Bundle

Nio Top Seller Bundle

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Try 6 of the best selling teas at Nio with the Nio Top Seller Bundle! In this bundle, you get to try 3 different gyokuro teas from the famous Mr. Sakamoto, 2 different types of super green, Fukamushi sencha, and our most popular matcha from Mr. Nakai in Kyoto. Try a little bit of everything and begin your tea journey on the right foot!

Fukamushi Yamaga no Sato 100 grams

Fukamushicha, otherwise known as a "deep steamed tea" has a wonderful flavor that is truly unique. Due to the extra steaming, the tea takes on a darker hue of green and a more powerful vegetal flavor. The umami note you experience is similar to that of a Gyokuro, and the astringency you might find in a Shincha. The tea is made by blending the Yabukita cultivar with the Asatsuyu. What makes the Yamaga unique is that it also takes on a nice fruity flavor, similar to that of lychee berry. You may also notice a hint of papaya and making as well. These fruity notes are particularly prevalent when the tea is brewed cold.

Murasaki Sencha 100 grams

This beautiful deep green Fukamushi Sencha brings a powerful sweet and hearty flavor to the palate. This tea is strong and full-bodied without lingering on the side of astringency or bitterness. Because this is a deep steamed tea, the liquid becomes a dark cloudy green color with a smoother and milder taste. The tea also picks up a slight fruitiness and sweetness to it. Fukamushi teas are also great as a cold brew, creating a pleasant fruity infusion that is perfect to enjoy outside.

Gyokuro Cha Musume 100 grams:

The tea has a well-developed umami note, accompanied by a nice sweetness and a slight note of hazelnut. It stays in the palate for a long time and continues to develop after the first sip. This Gyokuro is from the Yabukita cultivar, giving it a powerful flavor and a nice vegetal note. This is our best selling Gyokuro!

Preparation: 1min at 60 degrees Celsius, can be steeped 4-5 times

Gyokuro Sasa Hime 100 grams:

The Sasa Hime is a very fine, well-balanced Gyokuro made from Yabukita, Okumidori and Saemidori cultivars. It offers a subtle natural Umami taste that is rounded out with the grassy vegetal flavor of the tea. It has only a slight acidity. The first brewing has a note of spinach and a well-developed sweetness and natural umami taste. Compared to some of the other Gyokuros we have seen, the Umami taste here is a bit more subtle and blends in nicely with the grassiness of the tea. A slight note of hazelnut is also noticeable.

Preparation: 1min at 60 degrees Celsius, can be steeped 4-5 times

Gyokuro Cha Meijin 50 grams:

Coming from the cultivar of Saemidori, this Gyokuro has a very gentle sweet taste while being complex at the same time. In the top note, a hint of hazelnut is followed by butternut in a well-developed sweet note of Umami making space for a full-bodied character of fresh vegetables. In all its different tasting notes this tea is very balanced and lingers for a long time after the first sip.

Preparation: 1min at 60 degrees Celsius, can be steeped 4-5 times

Matcha Washimine 40 grams:

The ceremonial matcha made by Mr. Nakai comes from the cultivar Okumidori. This superior cultivar is reserved for high-grade Gyokuro, Sencha and matcha. The excellence of this matcha comes from its very round and complete taste with a balance of creaminess, a full body and a fine silky note of fresh spinach and a hint of asparagus. The resulting tea produces a very well-rounded taste with no bitterness. Because of its supreme quality, this matcha is also used for koicha, a thick paste made from only the highest grade matcha.

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